Your Brain on Yoga and Meditation

Posted on Dec 15 2016 - 1:00am by Admin

Man Doing Meditation in the ParkMeditation, along with yoga, gives an overstimulated brain its much-needed breather. Apart from changing your perception of stress and pressure, studies also suggest that it might positively affect your relationship and the way you see the world. The practice of meditation, for the most part, helps control your attention and makes your brain focused in a relaxed and non-judgmental way.

Plugged In and Disconnection

If you are like most people who are constantly plugged in and disconnected from others, you are likely to struggle to hold your attention for long periods. Technology such as email, random web (and social media) browsing, and computer games have their advantages and can be relaxing. The truth is, however, they also give too much information at a pace that might exceed the brain’s ability to fully absorb it.

Caring Less about the World

Research suggests that being over-wired has far-reaching effects. While it makes everyone learn more about what’s happening in the world, the information is served at a faster pace, making people care less about it. It negatively affects your ability to make moral judgments. This is why it is important to take more time or breaks in processing and absorbing information you encounter.

Controlling Attention and Focus

This is where meditation comes into play. As the practice helps control your attention and mental focus, it makes your brain more active and engaged. It also allows you to establish more control over a thing or information that can be a stressor. Vagabond Temple notes that engaging in the activity for a long time can bring positive and long-term benefits in the intensity of your stress response.

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If you want to modify your stress reactivity, it is best to practice yoga and meditation regularly. This will not just allow you to cope with stress better, but also helps your brain function more efficiently. It can make you smarter, leading to improvement in attention, elevated mood and lower anxiety. Studies support this, noting that the brain enhancement brought by yoga and meditation helps you maintain high levels of memory and learning.