You can’t Waste Time, Start Waist Training Now!

Posted on Jan 21 2016 - 9:18am by Admin

Waist TrainingYou can have all the money in the world but when you run out of time you end up accumulating tons of worthless piece of processed paper. More often than not, that’s exactly what people realise at the end of their lives – if only we have a way to know how many years more do we have on Earth.

Recent research point you may not have to get into rocket science or make use of a seer to learn how much more time you have to live. Measuring your waist to height ratio is all it takes to know – in which case trimming it to health is important.

Not Just a Waist

For centuries now, waist-to-hip ratio was equated to how attractive the female is. Where Louvre’s Venus of Milo sculpture expressed heavenly beauty in spite being mutilated, most prestigious beauty pageants today announce the exact specs of a lady’s vital stats.

But scientific studies reveal there’s more to the waist of a woman than just the aesthetic side of it. It started way back 60 years ago when a certain French physician Jean Vague noticed that people equipped with larger waist tend to be closer to death with higher risk of premature cardiovascular disease.

Recently, the Nurse’s Health Study studying over 44,000 volunteers established that indeed abdominal obesity is directly related to death due to life-threatening diseases (e.g., cancer and heart disease).

The Waist Training Revolution

Thus begin a fitness revolution. To get your waist as healthy as possible, you should aim to lose those abdominal love handles. Utilising an Australian waist trainer should give you a huge lift.

While focused strength training and cardio can certainly be useful, the waist trainer will hasten your quest for better numbers. As the useful body-hugger is worn it facilitates thermal activity and thereby perspiration. The best part’s you can wear the fabric anywhere you go. That way, no time is wasted. You just have to keep it always in mind.

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