Will Braces Ever Be a Status Symbol in the UK Like It Is in Asia?

Posted on Nov 21 2016 - 5:08am by Admin

Braces in UKIn the UK, braces are decidedly unattractive. These orthodontic appliances are often associated with adolescent anxiety and bullying that some children refuse to wear them if they had a choice to do so.

Indeed, dental networks are making invisible braces like Invisalign more widely available, as they are more discreet than regular wire braces. People want to have treatment, but do not want their braces to be obvious.

On the other side of the world, however, braces are not only attractive, but are also a status symbol.

A Status Symbol

Though people in the UK dislike the look of braces and would rather go for more discreet options, certain countries in Asia love the look of braces. Countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia treat braces like a status symbol and are willing to spend money to have them put in.

In fact, braces are so desirable that many teenagers are getting fashion braces. They do not need the braces, but wear them anyway to get the coveted wires and brackets smile of their peers.

Dental health in these countries tends to be less affordable than in Western countries, which is why treatments like braces are a rarity.

Will It Ever Gain Popularity in the UK?

Asian teenagers seem to find braces attractive and spend as much as £62 for fake ones. They even come in fun colours and prints, including Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse motifs. Some Thai dental experts worry that wearing the false braces may damage their teeth and cause problems among the fashion-conscious teens. Some of them are even found to contain poisonous lead.

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Though it seems popular in Asia, many people in the UK seem to find the whole trend rather ridiculous. Some have even joked that teenagers will want ‘stick-on acne’ next if this type of trend continues. Though braces are beneficial from a medical point of view, UK teens will likely not be following this trend.