Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Food Safety

Posted on Mar 24 2017 - 3:07am by Admin

Food Safety Sign on Carton of EggsAs a business in the food industry, you have many responsibilities as a provider to your consumers, especially concerning health. In recent years, the cases of foodborne illnesses have been an increasingly worrying problem in Australia, which is why it is necessary and required by law that those in the food industry receive a certificate in food safety.

The Effects of Overlooking Food Safety

One of the illnesses prevalent in the food sector is salmonella, and recently, it has forced two cafes to shut down in Canberra in February. They closed after allegations of being risks to public health and serious ‘food safety breaches’.

Ricardo’s and the Central Café in Jamison and Gungahlin, respectively, are the two cafes served prohibition orders by the ACT Government Health Protection Services.

The owner of Ricardo’s said that there was no salmonella found in their food and equipment and that ‘Instead of allowing us to sanitise our restaurant and change our policies about the use of these items, we were closed down at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, 14 February’.

The owner of the Central Café, however, blamed the heatwave for the growth of bacteria.

The Importance of Food Safety Training

When you’re running a food business, or working as a food safety supervisor for one, and you are non-compliant with the food safety laws, you can be penalised. In worst cases, the government can shut your business down.

If you’re thinking of starting a business in the food industry or if you’ve already established it, make sure that you have the necessary certifications to handle food properly. This puts customers at ease, knowing that their food is handled well and that they have nothing to worry about regarding clean and safe food service.

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Remember that non-compliance can lead to fines and that if anyone suffers from food poisoning after grabbing a bite to eat at your business, this can also result in expensive lawsuits.