Why Consider Dental Implants

Posted on Jan 17 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

Dental ImplantsIf you have lost one or more teeth, you know how distressing that can be. It is harder to chew when teeth are missing and you may be reluctant to smile if the loss of the teeth is obvious. Here’s something you may not know: once a tooth is lost, the jawbone slowly becomes softer and deteriorates. This can be a real problem since the teeth and surrounding bone are important for correct speech, proper chewing and a youthful appearance.

Today, there are many different options for replacing missing teeth. Conventional bridges and dentures address the aesthetic problem of missing teeth but do not prevent bone loss as opposed to dental implants which are the most reliable replacement option for missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants does not only provide advantages to your smile and self-esteem but also ensures bone preservation.

Implant dentistry at Smileworks in Liverpool is practiced by Dr Ioannis Ziounas, an experienced and accomplished implant dentist with more than ten years of experience in dental implants. His skills are combined with a friendly and approachable character encouraging patients to become part of the therapy process from day one of the treatment.

Benefits of dental implants

Natural teeth are supposed to last a lifetime, but sometimes accidents happen. Dental implants are permanent artificial teeth which are designed to incorporate with your healthy teeth. They are small titanium posts attached to the jawbone, helping restore the function of the missing tooth roots.

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Implant treatment is more effective and predictable compared to bridgework, dentures or crowns, which either rely on the remaining teeth for support or put extra pressure on the healthy teeth and may even cause quicker wear and tear. Dental implants provide a solid foundation for various types of replacement teeth such as single crowns, overdentures and implant supported bridges.

Studies have shown that in the long term, dental implants are a more affordable treatment for the patient compared to other tooth replacement options. Crowns and bridges may seem more affordable but they need replacement every five or seven years. In contrast, if you follow a good oral hygiene routine, dental implants can last for many years and eventually pay for themselves over time.