When you need to see an orthodontist, not a dentist

Posted on May 16 2017 - 2:33pm by Admin

Interior of a Dental Care facilityNot all dentists are orthodontists, but all orthodontists are dentists, and there are some important differences between them. All dentists can carry out orthodontic treatments that they feel competent to do so, but a specialist orthodontist will have undertaken several years of additional study to qualify as an orthodontist. This is why, if you need your teeth straightening your regular dentist may have referred you to an orthodontic dental practice for treatment.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry which is concerned with the proper growth and development of the face, jaws and the teeth. If your jaws and teeth are poorly developed, you will probably experience a wide range of problems over time. Crooked, crowded and badly aligned teeth are difficult to care for, and can affect your appearance, your speech, and even cause problems with the joints of your jaws. When you are referred to an orthodontic practice such as Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, you will be treated a clinician who can make the best of your teeth using a range of orthodontic treatments.

Most orthodontic treatments rely on the use of braces to correct the position of your teeth, but there are times when you may have problems with overcrowded teeth which have prevented some of your adult teeth from emerging properly. This could mean that you may need to have some of your teeth removed, or very slightly ground down to allow enough space for your teeth to move properly. Orthodontic treatments can also be used to prepare your teeth for advanced dental treatments such as bridges or dental implants.

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Not just for your children

Although we generally associate orthodontic treatment with teenagers, and this is the ideal time to have your teeth straightened. As long as you have teeth there’s no upper age limit to orthodontic treatment, which can even be used to treat people whose teeth have started to drift due to gum disease.

Many of us are now recognising the benefits of having straighter teeth, and because various types of brace are designed with adults in mind we are now starting to take advantage of orthodontic treatments for ourselves and making the most of a straight healthy looking smile.