What’s New: Hair Trends of 2018

Posted on Dec 4 2017 - 2:05pm by Admin

A woman getting a haircut at a salonThe year is about to end, and hairstyles keep getting more and more creative. Both old and new cuts are coming into play, and hair colors have become bolder and wilder. Thanks to Fashion Week, the next year’s trends have been laid out for anyone who wants to start the year in tune with the new styles.

Hair Style Trends

Fashion Week for Spring, Fall, and Winter 2018 saw top designers styling their models with a lot of windswept looks and texture. Hair accessories are also used to accent fancy ponytails and braids. Professional stylists at Rumbie & Co see hairstyles as a way to make a statement, and that’s precisely what this year’s fashion week was all about.

Plenty of other styles have graced the runway, including:

  • Deep side-parts – Parted hair can be paired with many different styles like long hair, short hair, tied, untied, straight, or wavy.
  • Elaborate braids – Designer braids with complicated pleats and multiple accessories a la Rapunzel from Tangled is projected to trend in 2018.
  • Scrunchies – Old school hair accessories like scrunchies have been brought back by prominent designers on the runway.
  • Headbands – Gossip Girl styles are, like scrunchies, making a come-back.
  • Waves and curls – From wild to tame curls and waves, it is one of the most versatile trends that never go out of style.

Hair Color Trends

Hair colors like browns, blondes, and blacks continue to be upgraded through highlights, lowlights, and ombres. Unnatural colors continue to get brighter, even reaching the level referred to as “acidic” because of their highly pigmented colors.

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Acidic colors aren’t the only ones trending. Even the more familiar unnatural colors like purple, blue, grey, and others are used in more unique ways. Roots can be colored differently from the rest of the hair. Multicolored hair is also a trend that’s still projected to stay in the game in 2018.

Hairstyles are a form of expression and can tell a lot about a person. Start the new year right with a new look and maybe you can start a new trend.