What is Effective in Reducing Dental Anxiety?

Posted on Feb 21 2017 - 3:52pm by Admin

Stress ReductionYou are not alone in your uneasiness at a dental clinic. Twelve percent of the UK’s population has extreme dental anxiety, and 36% have moderate dental anxiety. The British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy also reveal that people feel anxious while sitting in the waiting room of a clinic, when getting an anaesthetic injection, and undergoing a procedure.

Stress Reduction at the Clinic

On instinct, you may consider avoiding an appointment. But abandoning dental care can seriously affect your overall health, not to mention how you savour roast dinner and Yorkshire pudding at the pub.

Fortunately, dental clinics use a variety of techniques to calm you during an appointment. Some clinics can provide you with headsets so you can listen to a list of soothing music. You may even provide your own playlist since familiar songs can reduce anxiety.

Other clinics use the power of aromatherapy, which, according to various studies, reduces anxiety and improves mood. The most powerful scents are lavender and orange.

Innovation with Treatments

In addition to music and aromatherapy, dental clinics also provide less invasive treatments as a way to manage your anxiety. Modern dental technology includes options to the traditional drill and injections.

Smile Spa explains that innovative equipment, such as the VIBRAJECT, can deliver local anaesthetic as painless as possible. The device helps patients relax more for future visits.

Recent advances in dentistry also include cavity treatments, without the drill or the filling. In resin infiltration, the dentist places a perforated plastic sheet in between teeth with cavities, providing a less painful treatment for anxious patients. A curing light completes the treatment.

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Dentists are also using advanced tools to provide faster and easier diagnostic exams. Instead of the old radiographs, your clinic most likely has digitised X-rays now. It provides a more accurate and complete image, enabling your dentist to come up with a better treatment plan.

Dental anxiety is common. But avoiding your appointment is not an answer. With clinics using stress reduction techniques and innovative equipment, you can feel at ease when you go in for a procedure. And more importantly, you secure better dental health in the process.