Wedding Ring Customization: 4 Points You Need to Remember

Posted on Jul 26 2017 - 1:24am by Admin

Beautiful Wedding RingSoon-to-wed couples enjoy choosing their wedding ring, as it symbolises not only their love but also their lives together for a lifetime. Thus, it is no surprise why people invest so much time (and money) to have the ring of their dreams.

Couples nowadays are stepping out of the usual ready-made designs and are exploring many options when it comes to their wedding rings. One of this is customising their own. Good thing, many businesses offering bespoke jewellery design like JewelCast Ltd can help you have the kind of ring that symbolises your uniqueness as a couple.

If you plan on having your wedding ring customised, these suggestions would truly be helpful:

Scout for Inspirations

Pin all the designs you like in Pinterest, cut out those magazine pages, and bookmark websites that catch your eye. The more design inspiration you get, the easier it would be for you to know what you want. This way, you can get the opinion of your jeweller to know what can be done.

Have a Budget

Do not forget to set a budget. Customised jewellery pieces might be a bit pricier than ready-made ones, but this does not mean you should put a chunk of your wedding budget in getting the ring of your dreams. Scout for prices and quotes before deciding on your jeweller.

Know Your Diamonds, Gemstones, and Metals

Do some reading to communicate with your jeweller easily, especially when they start talking about diamond cuts and clarity, carats of gold, and gemstone names.

Be Creative

You may have some designs in mind, but do not forget to think outside the box. Do not be a slave to the latest trends and instead, rise up and follow your style.

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Designing your own wedding ring is supposed to be fun. Find the right jeweller to help make your ideas come true and never settle for mediocre ones.