Weak and Tired: Ways to Avoid Morning Fatigue

Posted on Oct 14 2016 - 1:00am by Admin

Students Suffering Morning FatigueIf you always feel tired when you wake up, you could be suffering from morning fatigue. It can occur for a number of reasons, but it is also likely that emotional stress, lack of sleep, and poor diet can be the culprit. If this fatigue seems to interfere with your daily life, it is best to modify your lifestyle or find the appropriate treatment.

Rest Matters

Your daily routine could be contributing to weakness and fatigue. It is best to identify the bad habits so you can change them or do something to minimize the problem. Health experts recommend sleeping for at least seven hours a day without interruption. Adequate rest is essential, so it is also advisable to take short breaks at work or when you’re in a stressful situation.

Your Diet’s Role

Poor diet may also be the culprit to your morning fatigue. It is important to note that certain vitamins and minerals are great for fighting weakness and sickness. You need a solid meal with citrus fruits and vegetables.

It is also advisable to drink at least one liter of water a day and avoid consuming alcohol and energy drink. You could also benefit from taking multivitamins like Dr. Joel Wallach supplements.

Energy When Sedentary

Being sedentary most of the time could zap your energy. If your work involves sitting all day, it is likely that you will feel tired most of the time. If you don’t have time for exercise, find ways in where you could squeeze in physical activity in your daily schedule. You could walk for at least 30 minutes a day or do a few minutes of aerobics the first thing in the morning.

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Refined Sugar and Tiredness

Extreme tiredness could also be due to eating foods loaded with white or refined sugar. Studies suggests that such foods are bad for your nervous system, as they could result in fatigue and depression. If your daily snack involves refined sugar, try switching to healthier options. You could easily experience changes in your energy levels, and you’ll feel healthier and energized.

Don’t let fatigue affect your daily performance. Start modifying your lifestyle so you can feel less weak and tired when you wake up in the morning.