Wanderlust Diaries: The Indie Itinerary to Hong Kong

Posted on Aug 25 2015 - 12:00am by Admin

Hong KongHong Kong is one of the go-to destinations for travellers in Asia and for those from outside the region who would like to get a dose of all the best the continent has to offer. The city is known for many things and is gaining popularity across the globe for its mainstream tourist destinations.

Despite this prestige, certain areas of Hong Kong still retain an old-world charm. From small cultural pockets like neighbourhoods of boutiques, coffee shops and artisanal bakeries, to design luxury hotels, Hong Kong nurses a burgeoning cultural scene.

Tai Hang

A small and relatively unpopular neighbourhood called Tai Hang hides a charming line of eateries and coffee shops any artsy traveller will find worthy of their time. One of the holes-in-the-wall in this neighbourhood worth checking out is Unar Coffee.

This small European-style coffeehouse brews excellent coffee unlike any you can have in mainstream coffee chains. It’s also quiet and makes a good lunchtime escape from the office or a break from heavily tourist-y activities Hong Kong is popular for.

Further down the road is Lab Made, the love child of ice cream scientists. This tiny shop offers liquid nitrogen-frozen ice cream to help you survive the city’s long and dry afternoons. Le Gout, one of the very few French patisseries in the city, is also located in this area.

Star Street Precinct

Star Street, meanwhile, oozes cool and attracts millennial travellers looking for weird and quirky finds. This area is home to WDSG, a retro store offering furniture and clothing items, Monocle, a brick-and-mortar store of the famous London-based magazine and Amical, famous for its outdoor terrace area.

Po Hing Fong

Another up-and-coming hipster area is Po Hing Fong, which consists of a handful of galleries, boutiques and cafés. One of the popular spots here is Teakha, a teahouse that serves an amazing menu while focusing on promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

A bit down the road is Po Yan Street, where Lomography, a Lomo store and gallery, is located. Should you be interested in analog photography and seeing a different side of Hong Kong, swing by this art space.

Perhaps what is most notable with this generation’s travelling crowd is how they are redefining travel. For them, travel is about investing in an overseas experience. They steer away from tourist attractions and instead, find the city’s secrets. They pack little, spend little, but go home fatter with sights and stories.