Visiting Sentosa? Check These Online Deals

Posted on Sep 10 2015 - 12:00am by Admin

sentosaOnline deals are your ticket to valuable discounts. You’ll appreciate these deals when you visit Singapore and spend time on Sentosa Island.

For instance, a visit to Universal Studios in Sentosa costs $74, but with online deals you can have it at $50. Saving $24 is a big deal, especially if you travel with a group or your family. That is only one of the many ways to save money when visiting theme parks. Check the suggestions below.

Seasonal deals

Extended shows and openings offer promos within the showing period. Take advantage of these deals when your visit falls on the same dates. It’s a bonus if the show is your personal favourite!

Exclusive deals

As partner vendors, online ticket sellers offer deals you can’t find somewhere else. These can be in the form of discount meals and tickets, tokens or passes to exclusive events at the park.

Six-month season pass

For an additional $24, have fun visiting Universal Studios. Sentosa attractions will be part of your memories, as you can visit any time within six months. That you can do again and again within the valid period. You get a 10% discount on souvenirs and F&B with this type of ticket, too.

This ticket also entitles you to buy Sentosa Islander membership. For a $25 membership fee, visit the park anytime. For a family of four, the ticket costs $50 each. Annual pass holders are entitled to the same privilege.

Bulk discount

When you buy as a group, you’ll likely get lower ticket prices. This approach will let you get double the savings, since online deals are already discounted to begin with.

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Discounts are only good when they let you have a good time at the park. So before you get overwhelmed by these deals, find out what they’re worth.