Valuable Lessons People Can Learn from Dr. Wilbur Wonka, DDS

Posted on May 12 2016 - 2:11am by Admin

Dental Care in AvonDr. Wilbur Wonka, DDS is an important character in the book and movie adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He is the dentist father of the eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka, who, as a boy, ran away from home because Dr. Wilbur forbade him to eat candies due to their potential risk to his teeth. But all Dr. Wilbur Wonka ever wanted was to keep young Willy’s teeth strong and healthy.

When Willy disobeyed his father and took his first taste of candy, he turned his back on his only family and went on to build his “sweet” empire. Although Willy achieved his dream of being a great chocolatier, he eventually found himself at the crossroads of his life, lonely and longing terribly to be with his father.

Most parents understand how difficult it is to keep their child happy and healthy at the same time. They end up appearing too overbearing when all they want was to make sure their toddler’s teeth don’t rot.

Dr. Wilbur’s famous line, “Lollipops ought to be called cavities on a stick,” is nothing more but a fact. While it’s fine to enjoy a little sweet treat from time to time, having candies in excess will lead to serious dental problems that the likes of Dr. Wilbur will have to fix. In fact, there is fan theory suggesting that Willy Wonka was suffering from an oral infection called candidiasis as a consequence of his obsession with sweets.

It was difficult to sympathize with Dr. Wilbur because we were all children once, and even as adults, we love to indulge in desserts and chocolate. Denying children the pleasure of eating candies has its bitter effect, too. Perhaps, if Dr Wilbur has been a bit gentler to Willy, his son wouldn’t have been so resentful.

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Humans have developed a certain child-like fondness for playfully wrapped sweets and candies, to the extent that your childhood would not have been complete if you didn’t eat a bucket full of Halloween candies. But too much sugar in the body does not only harm the body but also affects a person’s mental health.

Gentle Dentist, a firm advocate of preventative family dentistry, explains that if you continue to snack on chocolate, chew gum, and sip sweet drinks, the saliva in your mouth will not be able to rinse all the acid and sugar away. Excessive presence of acid in your mouth will then cause your teeth to rot. And the effects are even more worrisome for children since the enamel in their teeth is much thinner than that of adult teeth.

Perhaps the most important lesson people can learn from this classic story is the one about Charlie and his impoverished family. Charlie paid no heed to his grumbling stomach, even when all the children around him were unwrapping chocolate bars. And when Charlie finally got hold of his own chocolate bar, he gratefully shared it with the whole family. For that, Charlie earned the respect and love of his family – and perhaps even had better teeth than the other children.