Unextracted Wisdom Tooth: Will it Affect Your Hearing?

Posted on Apr 27 2017 - 4:03pm by Admin

Woman smiling on a dental chairGetting your wisdom tooth extracted can be quite frightening since it requires surgery. Your dentist or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon could conduct it, and it sometimes requires stitches. Did you know, however, it might be a better idea to have your wisdom teeth removed than to keep them?

Unextracted Wisdom Teeth could Cause an Infection

Oral surgery clinics perform wisdom tooth extractions either to correct a problem or to prevent them from developing. If your jaw is not large enough, your teeth may become impacted and won’t be able to break through your gums. An impacted tooth may damage your other teeth, bone, or even result in a cyst.

A wisdom tooth that only breaks partway through your gums, on the other hand, may cause a flap of gum tissue to cover it. The flap could act as a trap for food and germs, resulting in red, swollen, and painful gums — a definite sign of infection.

Infection Affects Blood Circulation

When oral bacteria enter the bloodstream, it causes an infection. The subsequent inflammation will then constrict the blood vessels and arteries. This makes it difficult for your body to supply the proper amount of blood throughout your body, affecting the blood flow to your smaller blood vessels.

Poor Blood Circulation can Lead to Hearing Loss

Hair cells in the ear are important for good hearing. When the blood flow to the small blood vessels in your inner ear is reduced, the hair cells die. Since your body doesn’t replace dead hair cells, it could result in hearing loss.

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While having an unextracted wisdom tooth doesn’t directly cause hearing loss, it may be a factor for infection. Infection in your mouth may narrow your blood vessels, limiting the blood flow to your inner ear and affecting the quality of your hearing. The best way to prevent problems like this is to consult a dentist right away and get advice on how to properly deal with your wisdom tooth.