Understanding Perceived Beauty: Why Tanned Skin Are Deemed More Attractive

Posted on Sep 8 2017 - 2:54am by Admin

Beautiful tanned womanWomen who have toffee coloured skin, like Jessica Alba and Beyoncé, are leading the designations of 21st-century beauty. A discussion even reveals that white women want to achieve the same complexion, which is why there are more tanning products available, like a tanning oil with SPF.

From Snow White Beauty to Bronze Goddess

During the last hundred years, the public has turned the other way when it comes to perceiving tanned skin. According to Mark Leary, a professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University, having a tan used to signify the working class who had to work manual labour outdoors. The Industrial Revolution, however, began to change everything. He says that the Industrial Revolution has transported the working class to factories, so they now work indoors.

Back then, only the affluent had enough money to spend on vacations in tourist spots, like Florida. This was when the shift began.

Tanned Skin: Hot or Not?

A paper published in ‘Dermatologic Surgery’ by Vinh Q. Chung et al. (2010) and other related studies examined the premise whether tanned people look more attractive. They captured pictures of around 45 women and uploaded these on ‘Hot or Not’, which is a website where people can provide one to 10 attractiveness rating of the photos submitted.

Moreover, they employed Adobe Photoshop and used it to produce artificially tanned versions of the 45 pictures they took. They examined the information in one of three methods, and all of it produced similar conclusions. Photos of tanned people were seen as more appealing in comparison to their untanned pictures.

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With the facts listed above, it is not a wonder why so many people nowadays strive to get a tanned skin. Just guarantee that you use the right products to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.