Understanding Asthma Attacks: A Common Medical Condition

Posted on Jan 16 2017 - 5:20am by Admin

Asthma treatment in AustraliaAsthma is a medical condition that afflicts around 8% of the population. It affects the airways, which are small tubes that transmit air in and out of the lungs. When the airways encounter an element that triggers asthma, the muscles around its walls will tighten and become narrower. It will swell and produce a sticky mucus making it difficult for the air to move in and out. If you want to study a first aid course, you have to be familiar with this chronic inflammatory disease.

The Causes of Asthma

There is not really a definite cause for the condition, but the factors that affect it include smoking, family history and lifestyle. Other factors include viral infection, environmental pollution and exposure to irritants in the workplace.

The Proper Response to an Asthma Attack

Keep in mind that emotions can activate an attack, which means that the more anxious they are, the more the symptoms get worse. Begin by removing the person from the possible cause of trigger and sit them down on a chair or a floor against the wall. Do not lie them down because it will worsen the condition. Adjust the person to sit forward slightly, loosen anything around their neck and unbutton the first couple of their clothing or zip down an inch or two.

You can now look into their eyes to hold their attention. Ask them if they have asthma and if they brought their medication; yes or no questions will be helpful to prevent them from talking. Allow them to take a couple of puffs from their reliever inhaler right away. Next, encourage them gently to take a few mild breaths.

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If they still do not begin to feel better, allow them to take a couple more puffs every couple of minutes. You can always call the emergency if none of the above measures does not work. Nevertheless, they would still need to see their asthma nurse or doctor within 24hours just to double check their condition.