Two Reasons Kids Should Live in the Suburbs

Posted on Sep 7 2015 - 4:18am by Admin

SuburbsWhile the urban lifestyle can have its pros, it subjects people to different kinds of stress. The noise, tight spaces and high crime rate are just not healthy for the most of us.

This especially rings true for married couples with kids. It is amazing how a simple lawn in the yard or a speed bump outside the house makes a difference in their childhood.

Buying or investing in a property is a major decision. Knowing if the suburb is right for your family is just as important as the property itself. To help you decide, here are some things to think about.

Better environment for education

Things change when you have kids. You start thinking less about clubs and restaurants, and thinking more about a bigger home, schools, a friendly neighbourhood and maybe a lawn for the kids to run around.

In the city, private schools can be too expensive and public schools can be too overcrowded. In the suburbs, you can send your kids to a public school and not worry about the difficult environment. Plus, the kids in their school are probably the same friendly neighbours next door.

Closer to nature describes suburban living as ‘being close enough to work or school and yet far away from it all’.

It is a running cliché that the suburb puts you closer to nature. It is a cliché for a reason – because it is true. Living in the suburbs is like going on a retreat and escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.

While it is hard to imagine being away from the commotion and bright lights, the fresh, green lawns and neighbourhood parks will make you think twice.

Some people like loud and busy streets, while others like quiet mornings and peaceful jogs by the park. If you have lived in the city your whole life, it is hard to envision living without all the noise and hype. But, with kids to raise in a pleasant, healthy environment, the time has come to give suburbia a try.