Traveling with Your Jewelry: 3 Simple Ways to Keep Them Safe and Organized

Posted on Jan 11 2018 - 9:16am by Admin

a silver ring with diamondsIf you have plans to bring your jewelry with you when traveling, you must be concerned how best to pack them. Protecting it from damage and thieves can be a challenge.

While you can always contact different jewelry stores in St. Louis to have your jewelry polished or replaced, The Diamond Family notes that keeping it safe from the start of your trip would avoid unnecessary expenses and inconveniences. How can you keep your jewelry safe when traveling?

Invest in a jewelry case.

A high-quality jewelry case would keep your jewelry safe. It is important to choose among cases that have a hard exterior. Since thin necklaces are likely to tangle inside such a case, try using straws.

Pulling them through straws and then fastening their clasps would keep them secure. In case you have chunky necklaces, empty tissue paper rolls would do the trick.

Do not place them in outer pockets.

Placing your jewelry in the outer pockets of your carry-on bag is risky. Jewelry stored in such pockets is easier to steal. To be on the safe side, it is important to keep your jewelry in the interior and center of your bag. Surrounding it with a soft cloth would also minimize the chances of damage from impact.

Use index cards and buttons.

Keeping your earrings, especially the small ones, organized is no easy feat. An index card can help you in this endeavor. All that you need to do is poke holes through the card, insert the earrings, and then use their locks to secure them.

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Buttons work excellently regarding keeping earrings together. Use one button per pair. It is also important to pack the buttons and index cards safely.

If you prefer buying jewelry holders, it is important to choose brands that would be value for money. Most importantly, they should be able to keep your jewelry safe and organized.