Thinking Thin: Three Mindset Shifts that Can Help with Weight Loss

Posted on Apr 24 2017 - 8:25pm by Admin

Girl Measuring Her Waist
Some believe that solving the obesity epidemic in America lies with a two-word prescription: eat less. After all, a large fraction of the population eats too much sugar and processed food. While it is possible to engineer a diet that would push everyone back to a healthier weight, the diet dilemma doesn’t necessarily have everything to do with food.

In fact, weight loss has a lot more to do with adjusting one’s mindset so that healthy choices feel right, instead of turning them into hard work or punishment. In fact, weight loss success shouldn’t just be about losing pounds — it should also be about achieving bodily satisfaction. How can you get into the right headspace to thinking thin, then?

Take on a Leadership Role

People who want to lose weight often end up in the follow-the-leader model, where the dieter listens to the advice of the doctor, fitness trainer, or nutritionist. What happens when the follower grows tired of following their directives, though? Some may feel tempted to give up, and that’s why it’s important that fitness seekers take a step forward and take on a leadership role as well. So, organize weekly workouts of your own and be more pro-active in fitness activities with your friends.

Ditch Old Habits

They say old habits die hard. Achieving healthier weight means identifying those behaviors that led to weight gain and turning them around toward a healthier lifestyle. Blue Fat Freeze System, a provider of an at-home fat freezing treatment, suggests making productive use of idle time, which can be done in various ways: snacking on healthier food options or doing simple exercises while watching television.

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Immerse Yourself in Fun and Intense Activities

When it comes to physical fitness, the turtle-inspired mantra of “slow and steady” doesn’t always apply. Proper exercise could also mean taking high-intensity workouts while having a good time. After all, there’s nothing like a post-activity high that enables one to be more determined to succeed in achieving weight loss.

The success of efforts for long-term weight loss depends on having the right state of mind. By embracing positive attitudes and achievable goals, losing weight could be a lot more fun than other people give it credit for.