The Two Basic First Aid Kits for White Water Rafting

Posted on Nov 25 2015 - 12:12am by Admin

Water RaftingNow that you want to actually experience white water rafting in Denver Colorado, you will have to prepare everything you will be bringing. One of the most important items you will need to bring is a First Aid Kit.

There are already ready-made first aid kits in the market today, however if you want to make your own here are some suggestions you can use. Take note of each kit as you set out for your white water rafting trip.

The Red Cross First Aid Kit

The Red Cross is an international authority in first aid, rescue and emergency training and is a constant reminder of overall safety and on-the-spot treatment. Their first aid kit mostly contain tools such as cold compresses, blankets, scissors, tweezers, thermometers and latex gloves and one-way valve breathing barriers.

Also included are various kinds of bandages, cloth tapes, compress dressings, gauzes, gauze pads, wipes, band-aids (aka adhesive bandages), cloth tapes. It also contains medication such as ointments and aspirin. Since this is a standard red cross first aid packet it would also contain the Red Cross First Aid Instruction Booklet which you can study in your free time, and get on-the-spot instructions when any emergency arises.

The Standard Sports First Aid Kit

This kit is put together for athletes and are normally part of any training equipment on standby while there’s practice or a game. It’s also what guides usually bring with them during hikes or camping. It’s slightly more extensive than the Red Cross Kit because it has additional equipment such as waterproof flashlights or headlamps along with spare batteries, safety pins, CPR mouth barriers, pocket masks, tongue depressors, surgical scissors, paramedic shears, Ziploc bags and a cellular phone or satellite phone. Instead of a first aid instructions book this kit has medical release form. Otherwise, it has basically the same items in them.

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These are the absolute basics of some of the more extensive first aid kits available. Using them as a guide, you can personalize your own kit, even adding more items as you see fit. This is especially true with the safety manuals because not all of them are readily available. Once you’ve personalized your choices, make sure you secure it in a waterproof and weather-resistant bag so it would fit right into your whitewater rafting gear.