The Real Deal about Teeth Whitening in Buckinghamshire

Posted on Feb 11 2016 - 7:09am by Admin

Teeth WhiteningThere is something eye-catching about even, white teeth, and more Brits are starting to realise it. Historically, the British have been less concerned about the colour or evenness of their teeth than Americans, but that is no longer the case. About 100,000 Brits have tried some form of teeth whitening, and people in Buckinghamshire are no different. However, some people fear that teeth whitening may damage their teeth, while others claim it does not work at all. Here is the real deal with teeth whitening.

It is not for everyone

No one has perfectly white teeth, which may discolour with age. Food and drinks, particularly red wine and coffee, may also stain teeth. You may remove surface stains through regular teeth cleaning, but some stains get under the surface.

Teeth whitening bleaches the stains instead of removing them. However, it may only lighten the natural colour of your teeth a few shades. If you have naturally yellow teeth, or tetracycline or similar antibiotics caused the stain, Buckinghamshire dentists say teeth whitening will not help much. You will get better results with a veneer or a jacket.

Home treatments are not as effective

Teeth whitening home kits may help you lighten discoloured teeth. However, most teeth whitening products contain either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These are very strong chemicals, so the law restricts their use by non-professionals. Home kits have diluted versions of these chemicals because they may damage teeth and gums if they are as concentrated as the ones used by dentists.

Because of this, home kits take longer to produce results, and the results are not as good as a professional job. Some teeth whitening toothpastes also contain small amounts of hydrogen peroxide and may help a little, but not noticeably.

Dentists may do it in an hour

While home kits take over two weeks to produce results, a dentist in Buckinghamshire may bleach your teeth in about an hour. They use dentist-grade teeth whiteners, and they are careful in applying the solution on the teeth. Dentists put a protective coat on the gums before they apply the bleach on your teeth.

There is no evidence that teeth whitening weakens the enamel or causes cancer with proper application. You have nothing to fear from teeth whitening, except perhaps the bill you may receive for the treatment. It could be well worth it, though.