The Proposal is the Story Itself

Posted on Jun 1 2016 - 2:09am by Admin

Ideal Proposal You know you can’t just pop the question and say that’s it. A proposal isn’t just a few minutes’ worth of question-and-answer, and maybe a little bit of crying. It’s an occasion, and to make it one for the books, you’ll want to get ideas from, where else, but the storybooks. They’re not easy to pull off, and they’re not the most original ones, either.

Why will you go for a storybook proposal, when the proposal is the story itself? You can lend your own twists to these pop-the-question staples. Start with these suggestions, if you may.

The Ring has a number of beautiful rings that are perfect for the occasion. Why pick a diamond, when other romantic gemstones don’t lack luster?

Brighten up your proposal by going colored for the engagement ring. Rubies, sapphires, topazes, and emeralds are some of the most popular stone choices. But, of course, you can pick one that suits your bride-to-be best. Don’t just stop with the stone.

Experiment with the cut and setting, too. If the lady’s a fan of the round setting, then choose a ring with interesting details. Engravings, braided shapes, and other stones around the ring make it unique.

The Moment

It’s often the sweep-her-off-her-feet getaway, bu, whether or not you can afford it, know that it doesn’t have to be like that. You’ll still sweep her off her feet in a witty and humorous way. You can put together a video compilation of your getaways and incorporate inside jokes and your favorite songs to them. If you want it simple, you can come up with a spoken word performance with her loved ones as audience.

Yes, beautiful scenery will always make a great backdrop. But, the moment matters most. Get creative with gimmicks only the two of you can understand to make it more intimate.

The Documentation

It’s a thing now: getting it all on video. While you may want the polish professional videographers give those celebrity proposal films, you can make it more authentic by doing a documentary-type one for your own. Talk about the jitters. Narrate your story.

That’s the whole point of it, after all. A proposal that’s one for the books is wonderful. But, a proposal, which is a book written only for the two of you, is even more so.