The Next Best Thing: Restoring Smiles With Dental Implants

Posted on Jun 30 2016 - 5:35am by Admin

Dental Implants in ColoradoMissing a tooth (or teeth)? Have you ever considered getting implants? Compared to the conventional removable dentures, these might offer something long-lasting, given the proper care.

These days, dental implants are gaining popularity because they are an effective way to replace missing teeth and restore smiles. They are also made to blend in with other teeth.

Many practices offer this kind of cosmetic dental services, even the ones at Highlands Ranch. But, before you run to the nearest dental practice and ask for implants, Willow Dental Creek shares some information on what this service is and how it benefits you in the long run.

Dental Implants in a Nutshell

An implant is an artificially placed tooth root in or on the jawbone, holding a replacement tooth or bridge. People may consider this an option if they have lost a tooth – or teeth – because of trauma, periodontal disease, defects, or when you don’t want to or cannot wear removable dentures.

Gum tissues and the underlying bone in the mouth support dental implants. Those with good oral and overall health are ideal candidates for this procedure. But, the perfect candidates are the ones who have healthy gums that are free of periodontal disease.

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, two types of implants are available: Endosteal (in the bone) and Subperiosteal (on the bone).

The most commonly used implants are endosteal implants. This is generally an alternative for patients with removable dentures or bridges. This involves surgically placing blades, cylinders, or screws into the jawbone.

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Subperiosteal implants are typically used on patients who are unable to wear conventional dentures.

Depending on the condition and the type of implant, periodontists will create a tailored plan to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are strong and stable, making them the next best thing to natural, healthy teeth. Their purpose is to replace a missing tooth and that is why they look, fit, feel, and function like natural teeth. With these, you can enjoy food without the worry that comes with removable dentures.

This type of dental restoration promotes bone growth and at the same time, preventing bone loss as it preserves the jawbone. When teeth are missing, it leaves the jawbone vulnerable and susceptible to deterioration, making it lose its firmness and strength.