The Eye-opening Truth About Your Sense of Sight

Posted on Apr 21 2017 - 7:50am by Admin

Close up on a Woman's EyeEvery now and then, you hear a lot of things about your eyes. This is fine as long as you know how to distinguish fact from lies. Sadly, many people get misinformed. To help set the record straight, here’s a debunking to every misconception you’ve heard or believed in about eyesight:

You only visit a physician not until you experience changes in your vision or feels weird about your eyes.

Myth: You are subject to regular and comprehensive eye check-up at least once a year. There is no age limit for this type of examination. It is best to consult an eye doctor for diagnosis and assessment of your condition.

Not a Myth: You and your family should diligently visit an eye clinic in Singapore like Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre. The advice is to choose only reputable eye treatment facilities in your country. Sometimes a popular choice is a good choice.

Sitting close to the television damages your eyes.

Myth: There is still no scientific research to prove this claim. However, if you’re forced to watch TV at a closer distance then it only might mean that you already have vision problems.

Reading in a place with poor and dim light affects your vision.

Myth: The same as the myth mentioned above, there are no studies which prove that this habit causes damage to your sense of sight. However, it does strain your eyes, so you’ll need to take regular eye breaks. Your eyes have the ability to adjust based on the amount of light they receive.

Not a Myth: The only problem with this is they will be forced to put extra work which may tire out your eyes.

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Having a healthy, well-balanced diet can improve your vision.

Not a Myth: Foods that are rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene can keep your eyes and your body healthy. By doing so, rest assured that your eyesight will function well.

It is okay to look directly at the sun as long as it’ll not last for a minute.

Myth: Regardless of how long you’re planning to stare at it, this is never advisable. In fact, doctors highly recommend wearing sunglasses in whatever situation whenever the sun is high in intensity. This is to block off the sun’s harmful rays which are the main cause of eye problems and diseases.

The bottom-line is to avoid getting blinded by baseless facts about your eyes. Only believe what the practicing specialists of the field have to say. This is the best thing you can do to keep your eyes out of harm’s way, as well as enjoy a clearer and healthier vision.