The Common Mistakes in Food Handling and Preparation

Posted on Nov 24 2015 - 7:59am by Admin

Food Handling and Preparation in Australia Opening your own restaurant can be tough as any business would be, but maintaining its quality can be harder. You have to meet not only the customers’ expectations, but also the food inspection agency’s standards. Make sure you serve your customers only the best by avoiding the common mistakes that even bigger restaurants tend to overlook.

Food Storage

Store raw food separately from cooked or ready-to-eat food because the bacteria may transfer from one to the other (also known as cross-contamination), which can be harmful when consumed. Place the raw meat, chicken, and eggs separate from each other, as well.

Have a fridge only for raw food, then another for cooked food. GMR Supplies and other businesses in the food industry suggest allotting an area in the refrigerator intended for raw and food only, then for cooked food.

Food on the Counter

On the counter, you thaw, you marinate, or you leave food before putting them it in the refrigerator. All these can cause the spread of bacteria. T Instead, thaw food in the fridge, with cold water, or using the microwave instead. Marinate also in the refrigerator, as well. And never leave any food on the counter, cooked or raw, for more than one or two hours.

Washing Raw Meat

Everyone does this. Doing so will not make your food “clean,” but will only spread the bacteria from the meat to the sink, countertop, and everywhere in your kitchen. Just cook it and let the heat do the rest. The high heat you use to cook will destroy the microorganisms present in the meat anyway.

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Eating cookie dough

Raw cookie dough can be tempting, especially for kids. But, it may contain Salmonella from the uncooked eggs and may cause diarrhoea. Cook them first before consumption. This also applies to any food containing eggs.

Ice storage

Since ice machines are usually just at the back of the restaurant, many tend to forget about them. Water promotes microbial growth, and microbial growth means not an increase in size but an increase in number. To avoid this, use potable water and always clean your ice machine as often as possible.

The food you serve defines your a restaurant. Practice these tips and cook your way into a healthier menu.