The Battle of the Scents: Fragrance Oils vs. Essential Oils

Posted on Dec 5 2016 - 10:36am by Admin

The Difference between Fragrance Oils and Essential OilsMany people confuse fragrance oils with essential oils mainly because of the common false practice of using the terms conversely. They don’t know that these two oils have different properties, are chemically different and are priced differently.

Cost: Fragrance vs. Essential Oils

Fragrance oils are made synthetically, which explains why it cost less and are available in wholesale compared to essential oils, says Rosy Rings. Manufacturers can come up with practically any aroma they want using fragrance oils, ranging from hot fudge cake, blueberry cheesecake, apple, strawberry and banana.

On the other hand, essential oils are more expensive and the cost varies depending on the availability, season and type. Producers use authentic ingredients extracted from fruits, plants or flowers to make this kind of oil.

Purpose: Fragrance vs. Essential Oils

People who choose to buy fragrance oils should understand that they are commercial oils that have synthetic chemicals matching natural fragrance or have the mild scent of an essential oil. Their main purpose is to enhance the aroma of the environment it surrounds. Meanwhile, essential oils are made from natural products that can be used as a cure. People who have problems with arthritis, muscles and menstrual cramps can benefit from this particular oil.

Chemical Components: Fragrance vs. Essential Oils

Fragrance oils last longer on a person’s skin opposed to essential oils. The synthetic properties make it easier to create an array of fragrances and can sometimes even include a certain amount of essential oils. In contrast, the chemical elements of most essential oils are hard to synthetically recreate. Their components differ on the growing conditions, climate and season, so the aroma isn’t always the same.

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Choosing between essential and fragrance oils will depend on your budget and purpose. Consider the above differences to get the most of your purchase.