The Basics of Pricing Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted on Mar 1 2016 - 5:30am by Admin

Diamond Engagement RingsThere is an age-old saying about buying engagement rings that says that its price should be as much as the would-be groom’s two months’ salary. This saying is just a ploy by jewelers in order to increase their profits. The truth is, you should buy an engagement ring that you and your partner will be comfortable paying for. However, it is a fact that the better looking ring would naturally cost more.

The bulk of an engagement ring’s price is dependent on the quality of the diamond that will be set on it. Here is a list of factors that affects the prices of engagement rings Utah, as described by

Diamond’s Clarity.

Clarity describes the presence or absence of flaws in the diamond which includes colored spots, blemishes or minute fractures. The lesser the flaws found within the diamond, the more expensive it becomes.

Diamond’s Color.

Diamonds come in different colors. Colorless diamonds are said to be very rare and very expensive while those with a yellowish hue are more affordable.

Diamond’s Cut.

How a diamond was cut and polished will dictate its brilliance. When a diamond is cut, it produces facets or flat surfaces where light can be reflected and refracted. This reflection and refraction of light is what causes the diamond to sparkle. The round cut is said to be the best cut since it gives off the most sparkle and brilliance.

Diamond’s Carat.

Carat is a 100 point rating that describes the diamond’s weight. The difference in prices of diamonds is significant when they differ in increments of half carats. A full carat diamond is more expensive than a .90 carat one even if they do not significantly differ in size because you pay the premium for having the distinction of being able to purchase a full-carat stone.

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When purchasing an engagement ring, you can combine your knowledge on how a diamond is priced with your own negotiation skills to come up with a ring that will give you the best value for your money.