Teeth Whitening with your Dentist

Posted on Mar 7 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

Teeth WhiteningTeeth whitening is an increasingly popular way for people to give their smile a boost. It helps to lighten teeth and make them appear youthful and healthy. There are a number of options for you to choose from if you want to brighten the colour of your teeth, ranging from a simple, whitening toothpaste all the way to having your teeth covered with veneers. We are going to look at the methods that fall somewhere between these two and why they might be the right path for you.

You can buy over-the-counter products to whiten your teeth or you might want to visit a dentist like Ace Dental in Camden.

Why Choose Professional Whitening

While people do report some positive results with shop-bought products, there are several reason why you should consider working with your dental professional.

Dentists are legally allowed to use products with a higher percentage of the active, bleaching ingredient than those you can buy for self-administration. This can produce a more dramatic result.

Your dentist checks your teeth before you go ahead. They look for any damage or poor conditions that could affect your teeth whitening experience. They may also be able to sort these out fairly swiftly so that you can go ahead with your cosmetic treatment.

Your dentist can let you know if the stains on your teeth are unlikely to respond to whitening. This can happen with certain types of marks. Knowing this in advance will save you time and money. Your dentist may also be able to recommend alternative paths to a brighter smile in this instance.

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One of the skills a dentist can offer you is experience of what is possible for different kinds of teeth. This means they can tell you with some degree of accuracy what results you can expect. They will discuss the shade you want to end up with and help you to achieve your goal.

Depending on what option you choose, your equipment may be custom made for you by your dentist. If you are using trays to do whitening at home then your dentist will supply them along with whitening product. These are made using impressions of your teeth. This means they are safer and there is less risk of leakage which can be damaging to your gums and lips.