Sun Tan Oil For Tanning Beds: When and Why

Posted on Oct 3 2017 - 12:49pm by Admin

Woman applying her sun tan oil before going to her tanning bedYou might agree that most of the popular applications of sun tan oil focus on outdoor use. There is not as much talk about indoor tanning. This subject is truly relevant in this age, especially since the world is getting busier for outdoor activities.

But not all tanning oils are safe for use in tanning beds. The recommended ones are either in the form of creams or lotions. You have to specify to your supplier how you intend to use the tanning oil that you are ordering so that they can find one that has the right ingredients to give you optimal results. Bali Body shares additional information about this topic.

The Tanning Bed Experience

With tanning beds, there is no risk of having ultraviolet radiation, even in the slightest amount that can harm your skin. Using tanning beds is more convenient than staying outdoors for hours. For many people, the main point of concern is whether using tanning oils will enhance the tanning bed experience.

When and Why

You need the tanning oil to create a layer of essential elements for working up your skin’s melanin during the tanning process. If you want a darker tan, using bronzer-rich tanning oils is your best option.

Nonetheless, proper hydration is important to achieve efficient tanning. Ensure that the tanning oil you choose has the recommended amount of skin hydrating agents to protect your skin from cracking during the tanning process. Well-hydrated skin also tans better and more evenly.

Safety is a key factor you should not ignore, especially when using sun tanning oil in tanning beds. Improper use can damage the tanning bed and your skin. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to get the best results.

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