Some Ways to Stay Warm and Healthy This Holiday Season

Posted on Dec 13 2017 - 3:12am by Admin

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises us to stay safe and healthy this winter season as freezing temperatures can be dangerous. During this season, it is preferable to stay indoors to keep yourself warm.

However, if you have to do activities that require being outside, such as work or playing sports, it is important that you keep yourself warm. Avoid health problems caused by freezing temperatures, such as hypothermia and frostbites.

What you wear always matters.

It is advisable to wear layers of comfortable clothing under a tightly woven or wind- or water-resistant jacket. Always wear waterproof boots and mittens to keep yourself warm. HELM Boots USA, LLC advises fashion-conscious people, on the other hand, to wear comfortable USA-made women’s boots.

Additional under layer garments such as leggings, stockings, or thermal shirts are effective in keeping you warm outside if outer layers would not suffice. You might want to bring extra pairs of mittens and beanies as well. You could bring an umbrella to keep your clothes dry in case of rain or strong snowfall.

Your habits while outdoors matter.

If you are outside for a long period, chances are you will start feeling cold, even if you wear appropriate clothing. In this case, try to do some exercise or simply move from time to time. Small lunges and jumping jacks could keep you warm outside, but look for a non-slippery place to do it to avoid accidents.

It is important that you keep yourself hydrated and eat foods rich in fat to keep your body warm. Chocolates, nuts, and cheese could be your handy snacks when you go outdoors.

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Wearing appropriate clothes this season will ensure comfort and reduce your risks of winter-related illnesses when you go outside.