Singapore’s 50th Will Be a Year to Remember

Posted on Aug 16 2015 - 12:00am by Admin

singaporeSingapore just celebrate its 50th anniversary and quite grandiose too. The island-state of 5.5 million people once again became the party-mongers of the world, just as they do quite a few times every year. As a legitimate first-world country, the Lion City offers more to more people when it comes to social convenience. Their public transport is reliable and the public discipline sterling in all respects.

To Singaporeans, there is much to celebrate. They have achieved so much in half a century. Their neighbours, though successful in their endeavours and are middle powers, do not have the same status as they do. They are, in all unofficial terms, the crown jewel of the Southeast despite being the smallest country. That is why there will be so much partying this year.

Asia’s Party Capital

Many would dispute such a claim but who else could have an evening F1 race after which a mega party commences? After all, who would not part when the capital makes way for fast cars to duke it out. On top of that, there are so many events, banquets and all sorts of celebrations in Singapore that it would be hard to list them all.

As a major tourist destination, many come to Singapore on special holidays. On New Year’s Eve, several establishments will definitely hold a countdown. Singapore is a Western-influenced country and it will not be hard to spot a party celebrating something that is Western in nature. However, they hardly forget their roots as an Asian country, celebrating many local festivals.

Diversity Makes It Better

Singapore is an expat’s haven. 1.32 million of their 5.5 million population are population are foreign workers, many of whom are expats. Furthermore, many of them have built a life in Singapore or have been living there for a long time.

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All of these mean that Singapore is very much a socially diverse country. While it is small on paper, people will find it easier to accustom to life in the island-state. When there is acceptance there follows happiness. When people are happy, well, they will party.

There is more to celebrate this year because of Singapore’s independence. To people planning a holiday trip to the southeast this 2015, Singapore might give them an Asian experience like no other.