The Secrets to a Successful Cocktail Party

Posted on Dec 20 2015 - 12:29pm by Admin

Cocktail PartyWhether you’re celebrating a promotion at work, a birthday, an anniversary, a major purchase, or any other reason, you simply won’t fail by throwing a cocktail party for your closest friends. Enoying a drink and dancing alongside friends is a great way to celebrate success. If you’re planning to throw a cocktail party anytime soon, here are some secrets that will help you do it successfully:

Set the Date and Find the Venue

Set the date as soon as you decide to throw the party. Use e-invites to inform all your friends whom you want to be there. This way, they can block off download aptoide the night  and say no to other commitments. Afterwards, look at various cocktail venues in Brisbane until you find the perfect one. Weigh in your options using the price, size, accessibility, proximity, and facilities. Reserve the venue at once.

Choose a Caterer and Plan the Menu

Hire a caterer to provide the food for your party. You can do a taste test of two or three caterers, and then choose the best one. Finger food is usually enough for cocktail parties, but make sure there’s a vegan option. Of course, you can’t forget about the cocktails. Hire the best bartenders in town (or you can arrange for the venue to provide them). Make sure your friends’ favourite drinks are available.

Have Designated Drivers

After all the drinking, dancing, and having fun, some (or maybe most) of your friends may not be able to drive home. It’s important to make sure everyone gets home safely. There should be a designated driver for every group, which should be decided before the party. You can also hire a cab company in case anyone needs a ride home.

Keep these tips in mind to throw a successful cocktail party. This way, you can celebrate your happiness and success with the most important people in your life.