Reiki Treatments Contribute to Overall Wellbeing

Posted on Aug 10 2015 - 12:00am by Admin

ReikiGiven the side effects of some medicines and treatments, people try to find natural, less-invasive healing options. Among them is Reiki, a natural remedy for various conditions. Some studies even find it an effective supplement to traditional healing methods.

What is it?

Reiki, according to Wellness & Artisan Studio, is a hands-on natural energy healing technique and a spiritual practice. Practitioners heal patients using hands and energies out of the belief that the body has natural healing abilities. They balance the body and mind with proper movements and channelling of energy.

This natural remedy can ease various conditions and contribute to a person’s overall well-being. Here are some of the health benefits of Reiki treatments:

Less stress

The main function of Reiki is to lower stress and stimulate relaxation. By improving mental health, it increases an individual’s capacity to learn, memorise and recall things. As a result, people will be more calm and capable of coping with everyday stress.

Emotional balance

Reiki contributes to better emotional health as well. It helps remove negative feelings, such as anger, frustration and fear. By balancing the emotions, people handle life’s turmoils better and improve their relationships with others further.

Treatment for conditions

The natural remedy works well for some conditions. In fact, a study showed positive results of Reiki treatment for cancer patients. In addition, people with insomnia, asthma, chronic fatigue and menopausal tendencies may alleviate their suffering through it.

Pain Relief

People who have arthritis, migraine and other pains may find relief through Reiki treatment. Furthermore, those who are fresh from regular treatments may experience a speedy recovery through this natural remedy. They may prevent their illnesses from escalating into serious diseases as well.

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Reiki has many health benefits that contribute to physical, mental, and emotional health. What’s more, this treatment is safe and applicable to people of all ages. Although more studies are necessary to confirm its effects, some doctors consider it helpful enough to complement traditional treatments.