Privacy Policy

WCNR makes sure thatyour privacy always comes first, which is why transparency is necessary. In this privacy policy, we outline the data collection practices we observe. The specifics are as follows:

Personally Identifiable Information

Our site does not have any feature that collects personal information. It is against our practice to obtain such data unless otherwise voluntarily provided by the user.If ever a user decides to share personal information with us, we promise to keep the data confidential. WCNR will never share or divulge such data to a third-party entity. The only accepted use of personal data here is to answer a query, process a specific request, or distribute regular news-related emails.

Site-Related Information

By default, our website collects browsing-related information from every visit. Some of the data we track include the pages visited, the IP address, the browser used, and the Internet domain. The time and date of each visit is also part of what we collect, as well as the amount of time spent on each page. We use these data to analyze our site’s performance and improve the service we provide.

Rest assured that WCNR does not and will not use cookies for every user’s privacy.

External Links

Our writers include links that point to other websites in all articles. This aims to improve the user experience by providing more relevant information for further reading. WCNR, however, is not accountable for whatever data collection practices these external sites observe. We encourage all readers to go through the external sites’ privacy policies prior to sharing personal credentials.