Physical Activities to Boost Your Child’s Health

Posted on Oct 30 2015 - 7:31am by Admin

Kids PlayPhysical activity is important for adults, but most especially for children. It decreases the child’s risk of becoming overweight and developing type 2 diabetes. It lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It also keeps the body strong and lean. Physical activity provides adults and children a wide range of health benefits.

Physical activity helps children develop their sense of belonging, especially when they interact with other children. It also helps develop social skills like cooperating and taking turns, as well as physical abilities. According to the American Health Association, active children are more likely to become active adults.

For parents, allowing their children to play with other kids for at least 60 minutes daily is the best way to increase their child’s physical activity. Playing together and having fun with their kids is a huge bonus. It not only promotes family bonding, but can also help parents get the physical activity they need to be healthy and fit.

Here are some physical activities parents can do with their children:

  • Mobile activities like running, jogging, walking, climbing, bicycling, swimming, skateboarding and ice skating.
  • Ball games such as dodge ball, soccer, volleyball, tennis and basketball.
  • Games like bouncing and jumping on an outdoor or indoor trampoline, doing handstands and crossing the monkey bars in the playground.
  • Household chores like mowing and cleaning the floor, or simply bending over to pick up their toys and tie their shoes.

Safety must always come first. Children must be provided with protective gears like mouth guards, helmets and kneepads to avoid any injury. Moreover, do not allow them to engage in these activities if they are not feeling well. For children with existing health problems, it would be best to first consult with a family doctor.

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Actually, there are many activities for parents and kids to choose. It all boils down to what activity they like most and of course, their discipline and determination. For the children, a parent’s encouragement and full support is equally important. Parents must show they are interested and that they care. Lastly, these activities will only be effective when they’re done regularly.