Parents Guide on Teaching Kids to Ski

Posted on Nov 7 2015 - 5:36am by Admin

Skiing for KidsSkiing is a great activity both for adults and kids. Parents who love to ski want to share this with the young ones. But what do they need to remember when getting them ready for the sport?

Kids Know Best

In the case of skiing, it’s the child who will say they are ready to ski. Just because you love the sport does not mean your kids will do, too. And if they take a liking to it, they must be ready. If they’re active and fearless, like most kids are, then get them started. Otherwise, don’t push them when they don’t feel like it yet. Kids know when they’re ready. You can only encourage them by showing, not pushing.

Keep Them Warm

One important factor to skiing is staying warm. You enjoy it more when you’re comfortable – not sweaty, not cold. Jacket and pants are the usual outfit when skiing.

The jacket needs to be insulated and breathable, with a hood that’s removable or can be tucked away. It must also be waterproof. For items with integral hoods, these must fit over the ski helmet otherwise it will only be a bother rather than for protection.

You may want to try good brands, like’ Obemeyer kids’ jackets for your little ones. They come in a variety of styles and designs, all offering exceptional comfort and warmth.

Pants also need to be waterproof, insulated and breathable. Get those with ankle gaiters to keep the snow from penetrating the ski boots.

Build Excitement

It helps to condition kids before actually bringing them to the slopes. So that means letting them try on gear at home and getting used to the feel of it. Let them stomp around in boots so it won’t feel awkward the first time they’re on the snow.

Start them on a carpeted area wearing the skis. Getting a feel for the equipment will build their confidence and excitement before the real thing. They’ll also know if the gear and clothing feel comfortable. Have them watch skiing videos or TV shows. Building excitement will help during the actual skiing adventure.

Kids as young as three or four can already start skiing, if they’re up for it. Parents know their children and should be able to tell if they’re up to it or not. Bottom line is enjoying the experience when they’re okay to hit the slopes.