Packing Essentials for a Singapore Holiday Vacation

Posted on Jul 31 2017 - 1:17am by Admin

Merlion in SentosaDo you have a holiday trip to Sentosa and the rest of Singapore scheduled? Have you already packed? You have to pack essential items to enjoy your time truly with Sentosa tour packages and the city-state itself.

Here are some essential items you must have in your luggage, whether you are in as a backpacker or as a lingering visitor.

Light and Thick Clothing

With regards to clothing, you will need both light, comfortable clothes for outside wear and thick ones to keep you warm inside establishments. Singapore has a tropical climate that will surely make you feel it is summer no matter when you visit the city-state.

At the same time, malls, museums, and other indoor establishments blast cold air to counter the tropical heat.

Sun Protection

Speaking of the tropical climate, you may also need sun block or sunglasses to protect your eyes and your skin when you explore the city-state. Remember to bring swimwear as well if you plan to hit the beaches.

Must-Bring Accessories

Other items you will need due to the tropical heat include mosquito repellent. Stay hydrated by bringing a filled water bottle at all times. Of course, you also have to bring antiperspirant to keep you comfortable in your clothes.

Rain Protection

When you visit during the months between November and January, you have to bring extra gear such as a cardigan for cold nights. A light jacket can also be enough; plus, it can shield you during rain showers.

Bring an umbrella as well as a rain cover if you will lug around expensive equipment such as DSLR cameras or laptops.

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Your Bags

When you visit Singapore, you can pack light; one carry-on bag will do. Singapore has a multitude of shops that can provide you with supplies you need. You can save up in this way as well, but do bring one extra empty luggage. The empty case will come in handy with your souvenirs.

With the packing list above, you will be ready to explore Singapore and all it has to offer.