NHS Treatment Fees, Including Dental Charges, Go Up

Posted on Apr 10 2017 - 3:43pm by Admin

Woman payingPrices for dental procedures covered by the National Health Service (NHS) increased on April 1, which could make it difficult for Britons to receive professional care.

While the timing may be misconstrued as an April Fool’s joke, the increase will rather scare people. A range of services, including dental implant treatment, may carry a bigger price by as much as £10.60.

Dental Dilemma

The surge in rates for NHS treatment comes as similar price hikes took effect in 2016, following a two-year settlement deal. The British government decided that the start of the second quarter in 2017 provided the best opportunity for implementing higher fees.

UK Health Minister Philip Dunne said that the charges had been implemented to align broadly with inflation. Patients should prepare to spend more for Band treatments, as Band 1 course of will now cost £20.60. A Band 2 will amount to £56.30, while a Band 3 will bring £244.30 worth of fees.

Start Them Young

Despite the higher cost of dental treatment, experts still urge Britons to look after their oral health. Industry data shows that London fell behind the rest of the country in terms of oral hygiene.

Professor Nigel Hunt, Royal College of Surgeons’ dean for the faculty of dental surgery, said that parents should take their children to a dentist as soon as they turn one year old. Hunt also said that a common misconception on NHS dental services involves additional fees imposed on patients below 18 years old.

Dental care is an important part of our overall health. As a leading nation, it’s rather alarming that most people decide to forego a simple trip to the dentist, which could prevent certain problems even before they take place.

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