Natural Healing with Reiki

Posted on Sep 11 2015 - 3:36am by Admin

ReikiReiki is a natural energy healing method founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, which uses the Universal Life Force directed through the healer’s hands and into the affected patient. Reiki is coined from the two Japanese words Rei and Ki. Rei loosely translates to a “higher power” or “God’s wisdom,” while Ki means “life force energy. Reiki then means life force energy that is spiritually guided.

What Reiki Can Do for You

Reiki energy provides calming emotions and deep relaxation to combat negative energy. It can aid in unlocking and harnessing your inherent creativity, as well as positivity, and brings focus, clarity, and a sense of purpose in your life. According to research, one Reiki treatment is said to be physiologically equal to three or four hours of deep sleep and can enhance the effects of other conventional healing therapies. Most importantly, however, it can significantly aid in helping you attain true peace and positivity needed to face life’s challenges.

Reiki is also considered a treatment for the whole body. According to masters or practitioners of this healing practice, problems occur due to blockages attributed to negative lifestyle choices, thinking, treatments, daily stresses, and lack of love and acceptance of oneself. Reiki believes that problems will be properly addressed if you work on yourself first. It also supports the belief that each cell in your body contains the universal life force. This life force must be balanced and in harmony with your whole body in order for you to truly heal. With Reiki, your inherent universal life force will be rebalanced and used for clearing blockages so that you will feel whole again.

Learning Reiki

Learning Reiki isn’t dependent on your ability to meditate or intellectual intelligence and it will not take you countless years to master. Simply put, it is passed on to you by your Reiki master when you’re ready. When this happens, you will be able to do Reiki. Even families with small children can take a Reiki healing course together to enhance their relationships and address each other’s illnesses.

Think this one is for you? Start doing some research now and learn more about this healing practice.