More Than Just Clothing: Advantages of School Uniforms

Posted on Nov 4 2015 - 12:22pm by Admin

School UniformsSome people reject the idea of children wearing school uniforms. They argue that school uniforms take away the pupils’ freedom of expression and encroach on their personal right.

If you are part of that group who condemns school uniform, take in the following question: Did you know that school uniforms have, in fact, significant advantages, too? Here is an eye-opening overview on the advantages school uniforms:

Reduced non-academic distractions

As kids grow and start forming their identities, designer clothing become more and more important as they try to fit in with their friends. Some children may be bullied if they cannot afford to keep up with the latest trends.

With a supply of school uniforms, schools can minimise the striking gap in the so-called “social-economic status” among the students.

Less stress

Uniform can reduce morning stress by making the process of getting dressed a no-brainer. In particular, students can easily know what they can and cannot wear. In the cooler months, students simply need to add approved outwear. Girls can add tights or leggings to their basic uniforms as well.

Parents benefit from school uniforms as well, as they do not need to purchase expensive or designer clothes for their children.

Improved relationships

Schools that implement the use of uniforms take away a major point of competition, as mentioned. Because of this, it can be easier for the students to identify with one another.

Improved safety

Teachers and administrators can quickly enact safety protocols with the help of school uniforms depending on the situation. For example, schools can easily spot trespassers, as well as easily keep an eye out on students who are going out of the premises.

Increased test scores

Research shows that there is a slight correlation between uniforms and higher academic achievement. Critics point out that the correlation, however, is very small and more research is needed before causality can be determined. However, it may still be possible that students will get better grades when wearing uniforms.

It is important to give children the opportunity to wear school uniforms, because not only does it improve their safety, convenience and academic excellence — it also improves their quality of life.