Make Seniors Feel Loved When They Dine at Your Restaurant

Posted on Jan 16 2017 - 8:54pm by Admin

Senior-Friendly RestaurantSeniors are individuals with sensitive needs. If your restaurant is able to please them, you are assured of a good following. Here are some ways that you can easily please seniors and gain lifetime patrons.

Seniors often have very discriminating tastes. This is primarily brought about by two factors. One is the health factor and the other one is the number of healthy taste buds that readily respond to food. Sometimes these things hinder seniors from truly having a good time at the restaurant. However, you can turn things around by implementing some things that could make seniors love your food offerings.

The Green Options

Many senior citizens are so conscious of their health, which normally renders them very picky customers. What you can do is to give them truly healthy options. For instance, provide a section in your menu that has a catchy title like “Senior Lane” or “Healthy Options.” This will help them find better menu choices. After all, Help Guide stated that healthy eating during senior years is not about sacrifice but still enjoying food with friends and family. The main point here is to capture the attention and the palate of those seniors, such that when they leave your restaurant, they will say, “That menu helped me find the food I want, faster than any other restaurant.” With that, you’ll have a patron for life.

Better Tasting Dishes

Not because the dish is found under “Senior Lane,” it would now become so bland, there’s no flavor left. What you can do is to find the best demi-glace and go all out on the sauce. If the senior stays away from meat, then he might just want to try a healthy food offering of meat with demi-glace. Once you have satisfied their palate, you can expect more seniors to visit your restaurant. After all, they would love to share the info with friends and family.

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Give them Special Discounts

Seniors love to visit restaurants offering them discounts. Apart from the fact that this gives them more savings, lesser expenses in terms of dining, it also makes them feel good that they are seniors. After all, they only get to enjoy that exclusive senior discount because of their age, right? According to Senior List, they enjoyed an incredible response to the discount list they provide on their website. This just goes to show that seniors respond to such discounts.

So you see, seniors are a good crowd. You just have to know where to tickle them. Once you are able to win their hearts and their loyalty, you are assured of a lifetime patron that will keep on returning to your restaurant. More than the health woes and other things that they tend to worry about it are refreshing for them to know that being a senior will always have its advantages. Mind you, they do come in groups too.