Live in Rural Areas and Enjoy These Benefits

Posted on Aug 26 2015 - 2:41am by Admin

Living in a Rural AreaLiving in the city denotes comfort — you have access to excellent healthcare, reliable public transportation and a wide array of pubs and restaurants. Convenience does seem like city life’s motto. Its fast-paced and perpetually busy lifestyle, however, may not be for everyone. If you’re willing to let go of that stressful 40-hour per week job for a laidback life on a farm, a rural setting is right for you.

Here are the five major benefits you’ll get if you live in a rural area:


If you’ve gotten tired of the skyscrapers and busy roads and you’re constantly longing for the beach, the rural or semi-rural place is for you. Living far from the city gives you breakfast views of gorgeous mountain ranges and a splash of colours beyond glass and steel. You can just take a long walk in the forest at the back of your country style property and spend hours exploring the local flora and fauna.

Cleaner Air and Water

Cities are far more crowded than suburban or rural places. Fewer people means fewer cars, which in turn indicates less pollution in your air and water. While there are sanitation techniques for your tap water in the city, nothing beats fresh, sweet spring water. It is also more pleasant to breathe in clean, crisp air during your daily jog instead of that smog you always get in a busy city.

Fresh Produce

Agriculture and other food production related-industries flourish in rural areas. This means that you’ll get the first pick of each season’s fruits, vegetables and grains. Nothing beats fresh eggs on your toast and fresh milk for your coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon.


As fewer people live in rural areas, chances are you will get to know your neighbours better. There is tighter social cohesiveness and higher participation in volunteer work in a rural than in an urban community. You’ll always have a harmonious neighbourhood relationship.

Low Cost of Living

The costs of basic commodities are lower in rural areas than in cities because of direct access to raw materials. You’ll get cheaper food, water and other resources. You can also build one of those affordable, country style homes and live in peace because the land and house is more sustainable.

Your decisions on where to live will depend on your priorities. Consider your age, work and long-term goals to arrive at a sound decision.