Laser Hair Removal: Yes, You Can Have Fuzz-Free, Smooth Skin Permanently

Posted on Feb 25 2016 - 6:01am by Admin

Laser Hair RemovalPlucking, shaving, waxing — aren’t you tired of these taking up your precious time? However, for those who love hairless, smooth skin, they might seem to be the only options out there. But f you’re willing to spend some cash, you have another option and with permanent results at that — laser hair removal. It utilizes laser light to effectively destroy your hair follicles to give you fuzz-free skin.

How Exactly Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

While any treatment with “laser” might sound intimidating at first, it is actually really straightforward, Davis Surgical Associates explains. The laser device gives off energy that will then be picked up by pigments in your hair follicles, which causes damage and eventual destruction to the hairs’ roots.

Among the greatest advantages of the treatment is the speed of the procedure when compared to electrolysis, which significantly takes more time and more sessions. And while laser hair removal works really well on underarm, chin, lip, and bikini areas, if performed be a competent professional, it could be more effective and less painful for getting rid of hair from larger surfaces like your legs and back.

So Should You Do It?

If your hair is coarse, thick, dark, and stubborn, laser removal will be perfect for you since laser energy is inherently attracted to color and pigment of the hair follicles. However, it could take more time to fully destroy the follicles on thicker and coarser hair because some follicles are just naturally resistant and even new ones could grow as a result of hormonal changes and some of the hair bulbs activating while undergoing treatment.

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Be warned however that you must complete all recommended sessions or else you’ll just be throwing away your money. If you want your treatment to work, don’t just stop going to sessions when you see your hair growth slowing down, since you’ll need multiple sessions to see the full effect and for some people, a once yearly touchup for lasting results. So if you’re sick of plucking, shaving, or waxing, laser hair removal could be the perfect solution for you.