Why Lanyards Became a Staple at International Soccer Competitions

Posted on Jul 15 2016 - 10:54am by Admin

Custom LanyardsAny soccer competition is the perfect example of marketing hoopla. The Copa America Centenario, which recently concluded with Chile as the winners again, was full of sporting spectacle and brand promotion. The latter has become a staple of any soccer match, whether it’s an international one or something people do on a Sunday afternoon. The sheer amount of people who watch these 90-minute fests of kicking and sprinting make it the perfect platform to expand brand exposure.

The organizations behind these competitions, especially FIFA and UEFA, aren’t exactly interested in promoting themselves. They use their reach and popularity to advertise for other companies, much like the way the NBA, NFL and MLB works. But, there’s something FIFA and UEFA keep doing whenever the Euros and the World Cups roll around: they self-promote through lanyards.

Nobody can blame them really, because they make great lanyards. Ever since the 2006 World Cup, these colorful credential bands have become a staple of the tournament and other continental competitions.

Choosing the Partner

You do have to find the right partner, though, and it would be best if you find one that manufactures the lanyards for assurance of quality. In America, Lanyards USA is a company that immediately comes to mind, considering they’ve long been partners with some of the country’s biggest companies.

In the end, it’s still your choice who to go with. You have to consider costs and reliability, but prioritize going with the ones you can trust from the start.

Universal Appeal

Personalized LanyardThe popularity of lanyards is testament to the fact that FIFA hit the trend jackpot. From the Philippines to South Africa to the United States, officials wear these purposed credential holders. Even those who don’t follow the sport wore it at some point. In marketing terms, that’s the golden goal. Get people who don’t even know the product to wear it for more exposure.

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In addition, lanyards are just more professional. ID cords associate primarily with students and young people, and that’s not always the best thing (not if you’re aiming for general appeal). There’s also the fact that lanyards are much easier to make. Rather than stitching on the brand, you can have it printed on a more durable fabric. So, you actually hit two birds with one stone simply by choosing lanyards.

If it’s longevity you want, you are sure to find it in lanyards. In a recent episode of The Football Ramble, a popular podcast among soccer fans, the hosts talked briefly about how lanyards became one of the things they wait for in every European Championship and World Cup. They were talking about how great the designs were, which is the one thing your company lanyards must have. Nevertheless, it got them talking, even about the ones from 10 years ago.

One more thing: after the event, lanyards still serve a purpose. Whether as an ID holder, key holder, flash drive holder, or a combination of all those things, they will remain a souvenir from your business that will keep you connected with those who wear and see it.

The main point is to be memorable, and if the past World Cups and Euros are any evidence, lanyards do a pretty good job at winning the people’s favor. It’s also something they can use outside the event, so overall, it’s a valuable marketing asset.