Is Massage Right for You? Types and Benefits

Posted on Apr 5 2017 - 4:24pm by Admin

Woman having a nice massageIn the old days, if you wanted a massage you had to be a member of an exclusive club or a luxury spa. These days, however, almost anyone can get a massage at a spa. Some business owners, who acknowledge the benefits of reducing stress in their employees, provide in-house massage rooms. You could even get a massage at the airport or the mall.

But what is a massage?

Massage is the rubbing, pressing, and stroking of skin, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Variations in pressure are often used in different types of massage and according to the customer or patient’s preferences. The idea is to manipulate areas of the body to bring about relaxation and stress-relief. In many cases, it is used to encourage recovery as part of physical therapy.

What are the different types of massage?

If you go for a massage therapy in Jericho, New York, for example, you can choose from several kinds of massage services. Different massages involve different techniques. Some of the most popular are:

Sports massage

This type of massage is commonly performed on athletes to help prevent injuries. It is also the kind of massage used in rehabilitation therapies after an injury.

Swedish massage

Sports massage typically involves strokes that are similar to those used in Swedish massage. The strokes are usually long, combined with some kneading, tapping, vibrating, and deep circular movements. Swedish massage is a favorite among those who need relaxation and energizing.

Trigger point massage

Stress, injury, or repetitive motion may cause tightness in some muscle areas. Trigger point massage is often used to help reduce tightness.

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Deep massage

This involves slower and deeper strokes. Deep muscles and tissue are the main targets of deep massage, so this is often used to stimulate muscles during recovery from injury.

A massage may be a good addition to physical therapy and other forms of healing. Or it may simply be an avenue for deep relaxation. See your doctor and ask about the benefits of massage, and whether it is safe for you.