Invisalign: Is It Right for You?

Posted on Apr 20 2017 - 10:19am by Admin

Person Using InvisalignEveryone wants a great smile. However, not everyone is willing to go through wearing orthodontic metal appliances in their mouths just to get the perfect smile. Luckily, there is an alternative way to achieve a great smile, minus the metal wires.

Invisalign is a straightening treatment that uses clear plastic materials to help straighten teeth. This treatment is available at various dental clinics in Hertfordshire. Invisalign is not for everyone. Before paying your dentist a visit, it would be helpful to know whether you are a candidate for the treatment.

Your age

Invisalign is not suitable for children whose teeth are still growing and moving. It is designed to be a less intensive treatment than traditional braces, so it may not be ideal with for those whose teeth are still growing.

Teeth structure

The perfect smile can easily be achieved through Invisalign if you have crooked teeth, but that might not be the case if you have wide gaps due to missing teeth or other more complex issues. Ask your dentist’s opinion regarding which type of teeth alignment is right for you.

You have the budget

Braces are costly, but Invisalign is a bit pricier than traditional braces. Therefore, before choosing the treatment, make sure you have enough for the initial costs and other additional fees. You can also check whether your insurance covers the cost of the treatment.

Your purpose

It is best if you tell your orthodontist what you expect from your treatment. If your purpose is to correct your bite or more serious issues such as malocclusions, it’s best to consult with them which treatment can help you achieve your goal. Invisalign is often used to correct gaps and slight teeth crowding.

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Consider these things and visit your dentist. Ask them for the best treatment for your teeth today.