How Your Kids Can Have a Memorable Vacation or Holiday Break

Posted on Jun 16 2017 - 12:20pm by Admin

A Group of Kids in Summer School

When school is out, it is good to let your kids have a break from their school term routine of homework, CCA and tuition. During this time, they may be allowed to pursue new interests and pick up old hobbies. Their minds are let loose, and they get to spend quality time with friends and family. Having fun during the semester break isn’t just about enjoying. As a matter of fact, it has to be meaningful too.

Keep Them Curious

Holidays should not mean stopping oneself from learning. To combat this tendency, parents may introduce kids to new things that may spark their interest. One essential thing kids must do is to preserve their curiosity. At a young age, the minds of children are well-oiled for learning. It is important to prolong this phase and make the most out of it. A trip to a marine life aquarium, a museum or something similar can spark a fire in young people’s minds to learn about the environment they share with others.

Allow Them to Build Relationships Outside of School

During school days, a child’s schedule revolves around his or her school. Holidays can be a great opportunity for kids to find new friends outside of school and create unique bonds. Kid-friendly events around the city such as workshops and camps are a great way to do exactly that. Encouraging them to head out to the neighbourhood playground could be a good start.

Help Them Remain Active and Fit

While it is also important for children to find rest staying indoors, time spent browsing the Internet, watching TV all day or playing video games may do more harm than good. Unlike school days when children have their regular physical education (PE) classes in schools, extended periods of inactivity can be a precedent to an unhealthy or inactive lifestyle. Incorporating activities that require physical exertion in their holiday routine is therefore paramount.

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Unfortunately for parents, most jobs don’t pause when school’s out. So on days when parents have time to spend with the kids, fun activities must be their priority to make the best of time available. It doesn’t always have to be expensive too!

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