Help Your Teeth Stay Healthy and Strong

Posted on May 11 2017 - 1:06pm by Admin

Woman with her clean teethYour mouth’s temperature is at an ideal 98 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to make it hot and moist.  It makes it easy to eat and swallow your food.  However, these conditions also encourage the breeding of bacteria and other harmful microbes.  These microorganisms thrive with the food particles in your mouth.  Unfortunately, they also produce harmful acids that corrode the enamel coating on your teeth leading to cavities and other oral health problems. The experts at Smile Designs Dentistry suggest that you remember these two things.

Do not over brush your teeth

Knowing the adverse effects of bacteria in the mouth, some people tend to go over the top in their oral hygiene.  Dentists recommend that you brush twice in a day with fluoride-based toothpaste and floss at least once a day.  Additionally, you should keep each session no longer than two minutes.  Brushing for long periods is harmful to your teeth.  Despite using a toothbrush with soft bristles, such actions tend to wear down the enamel.  You end up eroding and weakening the teeth’s protective layer.  Two minutes should suffice.  Instead of extending the brushing time, refine your teeth cleaning technique for greater efficiency.

Replace missing teeth

While regular visits to a dentist can help lower the chances of losing your teeth, accidents do occur.  Falls, road accidents or even sports injuries could lead to teeth loss.  When this happens, seek out a dentist to rectify the problem.  You may want to consider replacing your lost teeth with a new one.  Aside from improving your appearance, a tooth replacement improves the alignment of your teeth.  Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace missing teeth in Manteca.  Implants are durable and feel similar to natural teeth.

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It takes some effort to keep your teeth in excellent condition, but do not be carried away with your dental care.