Hair Extensions: 5 Factors to Consider

Posted on Mar 13 2016 - 2:39pm by Admin

Hair Extensions in AustinWhen it comes to beauty and cosmetic products, a decision can spell the difference between looking better or ending up worse. It’s human nature to want to look good, and in today’s consumer-driven world, the diversity of products and services definitely offer more than a fair share of options. The question now is this: how do you choose which one is right for you?

Take hair extensions in Austin TX, for example. You want it to look good on you, but you’re understandably anxious if you’ll somehow get one that it’s right. Here are 5 things to consider before letting down your tresses – literally.

Hair Color 

Hair colors vary widely. Even for dark hair, not all are alike and hence hair color is often differentiated by numbers. For example, dark hair can be number 1 which is midnight black or 2 which is a lighter shade. There are several numbers used for all hair colors; therefore, you have to be aware of your exact hair color. An extension-gone-bad is when anyone, even a man, can tell you’re wearing an extension. This is terrible for your appearance and color plays a big role in this.

Hair Style 

When it comes to style, it’s simple. Your hair can be straight, curled, with bangs or bob-shaped, among many others. If you want to maintain your style, you’ll need an extension of similar style or one that’s easy to manipulate into what you want.

Hair Length 

Your hair length is also a great factor. If you have short hair, you may want long extensions at the back, or spread the long extensions throughout your hair, use the long extension as ponytail or even just get a short extension that fits. Either way, you must make a choice that will rhyme with your hair.

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Hair Density

Most hair extensions look good on women with less hair and therefore add mass to look full and pretty. Women with full hair may not blend in -that well- with most extensions because their natural hair beats the point of extensions. Hair density consideration is also good when it comes to the method of wearing the extensions. Methods like sew-in where the hair is braided and extension sewn may not be favorable for light hair and may end up causing breakage or making the hair weak.

First impressions matter, and your hair contributes a lot to that. With the right hair extension, you can let down your hair and know you look great.