Gold and Diamond Jewelry: What You Should Know About It

Posted on Aug 26 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

Wearing the beautiful diamond ringMen and women have always wanted to adorn themselves with some form of jewelry. In early times, they used certain uniformly shaped minerals and rocks as accessories. The harder, more beautiful, and scarcer these minerals were, the more they were sought after as precious elements.

AAA Jewelers shares some facts about jewelry pieces then and now:

Modern day jewelry

Today, people use much refined, well-made, and specially designed jewelry. While there are many custom and lightweight jewelry available, gold and diamond pieces are preferred during special occasions, such as engagement and wedding. Some jewelers used other metals, such as platinum and silver, to make jewelry. Other than diamonds, the other precious stones used in wedding bands and engagement rings include emeralds and rubies. Pearl jewelry is also very popular.

Gold jewelry

The price of gold is constantly increasing, but the demand for gold jewelry rarely comes down. Gold jewelry is not made from 24-karat pure gold because pure gold is very soft and can easily be bent. To make intricate gold jewelry, jewelers add a small percentage of copper to pure gold. The product is an alloy that is 22 karat gold. This is the purest form of gold used in creating jewelry pieces. For some types of jewelry, 10-karat gold is also used, as this also looks beautiful.

Diamond jewelry

When diamonds are mined from the earth, they definitely do not look like the diamonds adorning a ring, earring, or pendant. Diamonds make for a fascinating read, as they have to be refined before they can be used to adorn a necklace, ring, or earring. The diamonds are polished and cut correctly to reveal their inherent brilliance. Most diamonds are found in South Africa, although smaller deposits are found in other places in the world.

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It is important to know the purity of the gold and diamond used in the jewelry you buy, so always ask the seller for the necessary certification.